What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

There is a popular slogan that is ringing in my mind this morning, “Knowledge is Power!” This motto suggest that the more you know, the more you accomplish. If knowledge is power, ignorance is barrenness.

One of the greatest enemies of our success in life is ignorance. Merriam-Webster defines ignorance as the lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. It is the state of uninformed, and being left in the dark about something. Looking at this definition from life’s point of view, what in life have you been left in the dark about? What would your life look like if you had a complete understanding of the gifts and talents you possess? Who could you become if you completely understood your potential?

According to Hosea 4:6, our lives are ruined because of what we don’t know. We have become victims of failure, destructions, and decline because we lack knowledge in different areas of our lives. Let me prove it to you. A person who doesn’t understand the principle of budgeting goes through life recklessly spending money. They are always broke and never have enough money to make it to the end of the month. Sometimes the end of the day. They are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. In some cases you are not hurt by what you know, you are destroyed by what you don’t know.

Ignorance is the seed of unfruitfulness in our lives, relationships, churches, families, business and our world. In order to live fruitful in every area of life. We must take time to education ourselves. What would your broken relationship look like if you took the time to understand your significant other? Pastor, how fast would your church grow, if you had a better understanding of the people in your community and what they expect to get out of their worship experience? How could we change the world, if we had a clear understanding of our purpose?

This year, it is my endeavor to teach you how to embrace the power you possess. The power to live life fulfilled! Embracing your power is not just about accomplishing great things, it’s about understanding your true self. When you understand who you are and what you possess, you have the power to accomplish anything and ultimately change your world!

Dream Killers: 5 Things That Are Killing Your Dreams

This morning, I began by asking myself the question, what is hindering me from living the life of my dreams? This allowed me to find key distractions in my life and character that blocks my success. I developed a list of five things that we must be determined to stop today from hindering our success.

1. Stop living life without a plan. This is such a critical part of living the life of your dreams. Before you can live the life of your dreams, you must first have a dream. Take time to develop a plan for everyday of your life and watch how things change.

2. Stop giving yourself excuses. “Excuses are alibis for poverty and failure.” What else is there to say? Do not allow your excuses to control your life any longer. You can carry out whatever you wish. NO MORE EXCUSES!

3. Stop giving people and situations the power to control your environment. Anybody that can control your mood or attitude has power over you. They almost have complete dominion over your life. Find them and take back your personal power.

4.Stop working harder on someone else’s dream than you do on your own. Unfortunately, we have been wired to make sure the success of others and never our own success. This is unfortunate because we will put all of our time and energy into other people, but allow our vision to die. Rewire your mind and make a decision to see your dreams live.

5. Stop living someone else’s dream for you and live the life of your dreams. There are so many people in the world who live unfulfilled because they are living the life someone else created for them. This is your life are you who you want to be? Is this the life that you dreamed or the life someone else dreamed for you? Take charge of your life and live it for you today.

Let’s make the right change today!